PKO Finat offers a range of marketing tools to support our partners in increasing their sales and developing relations with their clients. The offer is based on a unique technology and a long-standing experience provided by a dedicated team. 

ZenCard – is a modern system for creating loyalty programs, which uses payment terminals. It enables subscription of the customers to the programs at the time payment is made for the purchases. A loyalty program participant does not have to hold a separate card. S/he can collect points when paying with a regular bank card. This tool allows for building a relationship with the customer, amongst others through communication via text, to encourage him/ her for instance to participate in new promotions. This service is provided via eService terminals.

Information campaign: marketing communication encouraging the use of the service/ product purchase the advantage of this tool is that it enables precise profiling of the Consumer to have him/ her participate in the campaign. It is based on advanced filters which enable searching for customers with specific purchasing preferences. The channels used include, among others, text, e-mail or Push. The tool enables a selection of Consumers who never made any purchase with a given Client.

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