PKO Finat offers Cloud-based solution implementation services for companies. We provide support when you need to choose the optimum, tailor-made solution to meet your Company needs.

If you want:

  • to pay only for resources and licences used,
  • to reduce operational costs,
  • your data to be safe,
  • to have a fully scalable environment,

move your environment to the Cloud!

Each project requires an individual approach, which we will execute in 3 steps:

STEP 1: we will prepare the ultimate architecture of the solution.

How will we do it?

  • We will verify your current physical infrastructure, licences and your network configuration;
  • We will conduct the optimisation analysis;
  • We will prepare the ultimate architecture and recommended tools.

STEP 2: we will prepare the migration concept for your applications to the Cloud environment.

How will we do it?

  • We will conduct a technological analysis, and check the application interdependence;
  • We will prepare the migration plan;
  • We will work out the cost of maintaining the environment in the Cloud infrastructure.

STEP 3: we will prepare a Cloud environment management concept in your Company.

How will we do it?

  • We will prepare change management processes for your environment on the Cloud, based on best practices.

We provide full customer support throughout the entire solution implementation and maintenance process.

We cooperate with leading Cloud providers.

Let’s talk about a migration plan of your Company; leave your contact details on the attached form.

How do we implement?

  • We will transfer your physical resources to the Cloud;
  • We will transfer your virtual resources between Clouds;
  • We will take care of your Company data safety;
  • For technologically obsolete applications, we will suggest new solutions;
  • For high-cost solutions, we will suggest cost-efficient migrations;
  • The solution will operate based on a public, private or hybrid Cloud, depending on your needs;
  • We will offer you tools for scanning your applications and infrastructure, for continuous monitoring and optimisation of operations’ costs, tools for data engineering, for advanced analytics, for automation, and many more.

How do we provide maintenance service?

  • After completion of the migration process, we will ensure a 24/7 support with defined SLA levels, so that solutions to any occurring incidents can be found;
  • We monitor all resources which are part of the solution;
  • We analyse further optimisation possibilities;
  • We make back-up copies, deal with identity management and provide security of the entire solution.