The protection of privacy of the website users is very important for PKO Finat. Below you will find information on the data we collect, as well as their processing and use. The collection and processing of information about the website users is limited to the minimum necessary for PKO Finat to provide top-notch services.                            

In this section you will find information about tools used by PKO Finat to ensure maximum website user convenience (cookies and system logs), and about data collected by advertising agencies and other entities offering website analytics services.

PKO Finat protects users’ data, which is why the browser informs the user, before the website is opened, what kind of data will be collected on specific sites.

We process the data:

  • to adjust the content to the users’ needs and interests;
  • to ensure security of services provided by PKO Finat;
  • to present information on products and services offered by PKO Finat, matching the users’ needs and interests;
  • to make measurements that allow us to improve products and services offered by PKO Finat.

What data do we collect?

PKO Finat endeavors to make the website user-friendly. In order to improve the efficiency of the service, anonymous cookies are used and statistical data about most popular search terms is collected, thanks to which navigation is updated on an ongoing basis to make searches easy and intuitive.

·         Cookies

Cookies are small text files from a website, that are stored by the user’s browser.

The information contained in cookies only includes details of a user’s activity on the website from which they were sent. Disabling cookies in the browser may block or limit some features of the website.

Through the cookies technology, only anonymous data about users is collected to make the website more user-friendly, increase website safety, and make ads less irritating Financial data, identification data or data allowing identification of website users is not collected or stored.

Cookies are used on the website; they are saved on the hard drive of the end user’s devices to facilitate navigation and adjust the website to the user’s preferences.

Browser settings allow users to disable or remove cookies. If a mobile device has iOS, it is required to enable cookies in order to use the full version of the website.

Two types of anonymous cookies are used by the website; they are not shared with any other sites.

There are two types of cookies in browsers:

  • session cookies – temporary files that are not saved on the hard drive; they are necessary for the context of a given session; they are very often used by various pages due to the nature of the HTTP;
  • permanent cookies – files that are not deleted after the browser is closed; they can be used by the website in the future; they include:
  • first-party cookies – the website configures them for its own needs only;
  • third-party cookies – the website stores them, so that they can be used by other pages.

·         System logs

System logs, i.e. a register of events – a chronological record of information about events and activities related to the website. They contain data such as IP address, from which a given subpage was visited, its address and access time. System logs are mostly used by PKO Finat for statistical purposes. Their analysis allows the content of the website and adverts to be adjusted to the users’ preferences. 

·         Links to other websites

PKO Finat is not responsible for the privacy policy of owners of webpages, links to which are available on its website. Users should read privacy statements on partner websites.

·         Floodlight

Some websites use the Floodlight technology to create collective stats on the use of the website. Floodlight is an electronic one-pixel (1x1) or transparent image.

Floodlight can recognize some information on users' computers, such as cookies numbers, website access time and date, and details of the website where Floodlight is placed.

·         Advertising agencies and other entities offering website analytics services

When visiting the website, cookies or Floodlight of advertising agencies and other entities offering analytics services, acting upon PKO Finat’s request, are also placed on users’ computers. This allows recognition of users when they visit the website again, display of ads adjusted to users’ preferences, collection of statistical data within the website, and measurement of users’ reactions to a given ad.

The list of advertising agencies and other entities offering analytics services, with which PKO Finat cooperates, is available at PKO Finat’s website: .

Changes in the privacy policy of PKO Finat’s website

Changes in the website privacy policy can be affected by the development of internet technology, changes in applicable legal regulations (incl. personal data protection regulations), and the website growth.

We will notify you of any changes on the website (

End of Microsoft’s support for Windows XP – make sure you use your online account securely

Based on the information available on Microsoft webpages, after the discontinuation of technical supports as of April 8, 2014, Windows XP will continue to operate but computers may be more exposed to malicious software and cyber-attacks – learn more.

Despite the application of the latest versions of anti-virus software and firewall, computers with Windows XP may be significantly susceptible to such attacks. These attacks can result in theft of access data (logins
and passwords) to transaction websites or computer takeover frauds.


Only regular software updates and manufacturer's support ensure increased security. Thus, PKO Finat recommends website users to rely on operating systems covered by full technical support of their manufacturers, and to update the system software for newer versions of Windows or replace it with another system that can be updated on a regular basis. For more information, visit the website of Windows XP manufacturer – Microsoft.

Enabling/deleting/blocking cookie files

PKO Finat’s website uses cookies in accordance with the browser settings determined by the user. In many browsers, cookies are enabled by default. The website user may change the settings or disable cookies at any time in his/her browser but this may cause incorrect functioning of the site.

Using the website with cookies enabled in the browser
means that cookies will be stored on the user’s device.

More information about cookies can be found in the “Help” section in the user’s browser menu or on the following websites.

Users who, having read the information available on the website, do not want cookies to be stored in the browser on their device, should delete them from their browser after leaving the website.

Personal data controller

The controller of your personal data is PKO Finat sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw (00-805), at Chmielna 89 (PKO Finat).

Contact details and Data Protection Officer

You may contact PKO Finat by e-mail:, or in writing (to the address of PKO Finat’s registered office). PKO Finat has selected its Data Protection Officer whom you may contact by e-mail:


or in writing (to the address of PKO Finat’s registered office). You may contact the Data Protection Officer for all issues concerning the processing of personal data and the exercise of data processing-related rights.

Purposes of processing and legal basis

PKO Finat processes your personal data:

  • for statistical purposes;
  • for marketing purposes, incl. profiling;
  • to improve website security.

Your consent is the legal basis for the processing of your personal data.

Data retention period

If you have consented for the processing of your personal data for the purposes listed above, PKO Finat will store your data until you withdraw your consent.

Data transfer and data recipients

PKO Finat transfers your data to suppliers and subcontractors that process personal data upon the request of PKO Finat (incl. advertising agencies and entities providing website analytics).

Save for the above, PKO Finat does not transfer any data related to cookies to any external entities. 

PKO Finat does not combine the website users’ personal data with cookies of external entities. Such data is not transferred to external entities.

Your rights

You have the right to access your data and to request rectification, deletion or restriction of processing. Additionally, to the extent to which your consent serves as the basis for processing, you have the right to:

  • withdraw your consent – the consent withdrawal does not affect the lawfulness of processing prior to such withdrawal;
  • transfer your personal data, i.e. to obtain your data from PKO Finat in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You may transmit such data to a different controller.

In order to exercise the rights listed above, you may contact the Data Protection Officer, using the contact details provided above.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office as regards matters related to the processing of your data.

Obligation to provide data and consequences of failure to do so

You are not obliged to consent to personal data processing in regard to the use of cookies. However, failure to provide such consent may affect your ability to use certain features of the website.