PKO Finat provides a wide range of services available as part of Inteligo account and iPKO channel.



PKO Finat is an insurance broker of PZU S.A., offering insurance policies in Inteligo account.

PKO Finat offers the following insurance packages:


PZU Dom makes it possible to insure property:

  • residential buildings (incl. buildings under construction);
  • residential units;
  • garages connected to residential buildings (completed or under construction).

The insurance may also cover chattels and fixtures.  

Wojażer – PZU Pomoc w Podróży

As part of the “Wojażer – PZU Pomoc w Podróży” package, one can get domestic and overseas travel insurance for:

  • holidays;
  • sports (incl. professional and high-risk sports);
  • education;
  • work.


Investment gold and silver

PKO Finat and Mennica Polska sell investment gold, silver bars, collector coins and numismatic items online.

The online model also allows clients to store investment gold purchased at Mennica Polska.


Gift cards

As part of its iPKO e-banking service, PKO Finat offers a Gift Card service. These are codes for topping up accounts on platforms containing music, series and games of such brands as: Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Spotify, Nintendo or Microsoft.
Gift cards provide control over money spent on the Internet, thus increasing safety of online entertainment.


Online mobile recharge

PKO Finat offers online top-up for prepaid services provided by Orange Polska, Polkomtel, T-Mobile Polska, Virgin Mobile and Play.

With this solution, clients can top up their or someone else’s mobile in Poland’s most popular MNOs in a quick, safe and convenient way.

For further information, please get in touch with our Sales Department.


Motorway tolls

A service that enables paying for your motorway toll, which is available through the IKO app.
The form of payment will depend on the motorway section:

- automatic toll station on Motorway A1 (Toruń-Gdańsk) and A4 (Katowice-Kraków);
- motorway e-tickets (e-TOLL): on Motorway A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica).

The automatic toll option is based on a proprietary technological solution. In January 2021, this service received an award in the Cashless Pay 2020 contest.



This service combines finance and accounting, and enables finance management as part of the iPKO e-banking service. The service covers:

•  Quick and convenient invoicing
•  Management of company finances both in terms of accounting documents and invoices as well as accounts and settlements
•  Adding scans and invoice photos
•  Revenue and Expense Account.

The application enables the user also to gain a quick and easy access to the company information:

•  payments – receivables and payables resulting from invoices entered
•  management reports – Revenue and Expense Report
•  statements – VAT sales reports, VAT purchase reports and VAT tax reports
•  return on sales – margin reports by products and documents.


BIK reports & alerts

PKO Finat distributes products and services of the Polish credit intelligence service (BIK). This offer is available in iPKO of PKO Bank Polski.

PKO Finat offers the following BIK products and services:

1. A BIK Report, which covers:

- current credit liabilities balance and information about timely repayment, history of credit accounts as well as data included in credit agreements;
- status of liabilities repayment, details of closed or repaid liabilities listed in BIK.

2. BIK alerts for a year, notifications sent via text and/ or e-mail concerning:

- attempts to obtain a credit or a loan using the Client’s data;
- any enquiries submitted to the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register, e.g. in the case of an attempted signing of a contract with a mobile operator;
- any new liabilities or late repayments appearing in BIK, or entries made in the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register.

3. Package: 1 BIK Report + BIK alerts active for 12 months.