Transfer Agent for Insurance Equity Funds management (AT UFK)



Insurance equity funds administrative management is provided vy means of specialised AT UFK information system elaborated by the IT team of PKO BP Finat.


The system allows for the performance of, inter alia, the following activities:

  • Insured persons' units accounts management, records of documents incoming both in electronic and in paper form, execution of dispositions, disposition processing, handling fees management, tax calculation, report generation, including reports for GIFI, for accounts of a given fund, company, distribution network.
  • handling correcpondence to insured persons.. Outgoing correspondence is managed in the AT UFK system by means of a specialised module. It is a unique solution which allows for a considerable flexibility of the system in terms of letter modification, as well as for a strict control of letter printing and records of postal returns.
  • provision of service to distributors usyng a different system for placing orders. It is a functionality which concists in handling incoming files and sending return files as far as communication with distributors is concerned, registering telephone conversations of Customers and hotline consultants.
  • optical archive which allows for a fast access to graphic images of documents.