Transfer Agent for Pension Funds management (AT)



For the purposes of the Open Pension Fund management, the Company employs its own original information system (AT System) elaborated with the use of modern technology by a team of specialists working in our enterprise.

An advantage of the AT System is its broad functionality and the fact that it can be developed, which is an invaluable asset. The AT System is centralised and makes it possible to access all information, correspondence, phone calls, complaints, etc. from the level of the account of a given fund's member.  

In addition, Finat  provides employees of the Investment Fund Company with online access to the AT system and all its functions within the framework of granted entitlements.  


The AT System makes it possible to open, manage and close accounts on the basis of received dispositions and information conveyed by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), it stores information about all operations (financial and non-financial) performed in relation to a given account, as well as the current account balance. Records of the Register contain information about members of a given fund (personal data, contact details and supplementary data together with the history of changes in the aforementioned data), as well as about authorised persons and attorneys. In the case of powers of attorney, we register and control attorney's rights.


  • Information about correspondence sent to customers and received from customers.
  • Information concerning notices about conclusion of agreement with a different Open Pension Fund.
  • Information about incorrect forms or dispositions.
  • Information about the account balance, including:
  • - credited contributions and transfer payments,
  • - payments of funds accumulated in the account in the Fund, transfer payments performed due to division of property resulting from a divorce, annulment of marriage or cessation of community of property during marriage, as well as transfer payments and direct payments due to the death of fund's member,

- collected fees,

- balance in units and in the currency,

- number of years as member.


Customer's data are secured in a professional manner with the use of modern information technologies and in accordance with strictly observed internal procedures.