PKO Finat provides transfer agent services to Investment, Pension and Equity Funds.

Employees working in operational and technological teams are experienced experts using dedicated, modern information systems. The Company has a professional ICT and technological infrastructure which makes it possible to provide highest quality services.

Within the framework of transfer agent services for investment funds, we offer the execution of the following activities:

  • opening, maintaining and managing registers of Investment Funds' unitholders,
  • telephone service (including the IVR system)
  • management of various types of funds and products, including occupational pension schemes and Individual Pension Accounts,
  • parametrical fee collection system,
  • keeping a register of distributors and sellers,
  • distribution points service, both via on-line system prepared by Finat and by means of dedicated interfaces,
  • communications to and from Funds' unitholders,
  • provision of settlement service to Funds,
  • handling incoming and outgoing correspondence,
  • elaborating reports and statements,
  • Fund's unitholder service via the Internet,
  • archiving documents in paper and electronic form.

The philosophy of our activity is an individual approach to each of our Customers operating in various business environments. An Investment Fund Company can expect that PKO Finat adjusts functionalities of the Transfer Agent to the Investment Fund Company's needs.