Within the framework of ancillary activities related to records of CIF's unitholders, we provide the following services:

  • entering, processing and storing any declarations of intent related to the possession of fund's units, as well as other information concerning fund's unitholders or Certificated conveyed to PKO Finat,
  • keeping records of identification data of fund's unitholders and of persons authorised to represent unitholders, as well as all changes introduced thereto,
  • entering data regarding Certificates possessed by unitholders,
  • elaborating and sending confirmations proving that Certificates were entered into the Register of Fund's Unitholders as well as confirmations concerning the redemption of Certificates, including the transfer of rights,
  • elaborating orders for transfers, payments of revenue to unitholders and requests for the repurchase of Certificates, as well as sending them to the depositary bank,
  • execution of activities related to calculating and keeping records of:

- fees collected by the Investment Funds Company in relation to handling requests for repurchase of Certificates and other fees collected by the Investment Funds Company on the basis of the statutes or an agreement concluded between a fund and its unitholder,

- number of certificates issued and purchased by a fund,

  • performance of activities in support of the obligations of the fund as a taxpayer resulting from the provisions of law.

PKO Finat administrated the Register of Distributors and Sellers as far as the receipt, verification, registration, processing and storing of Sellers' and Distributors' data is concerned, and updates the data on the basis of information conveyed by the Investment Funds Company to PKO Finat.