Within the framework of transfer agent services provided for insurance equity funds, we offer:

  • keeping unit accounts of the insured,
  1. calculating and collecting fees, capital gains taxes,
  2. analysing the number of individual units in unit accounts of the insured,
  3. service and accounting of contributions,
  4. monitoring of contributions and of the value of unit accounts,
  5. execution of financial dispositions related to unit accounts of the insured (e.g. reaching the end of the liability period, repurchases, assignment service),
  6. execution of non-financial dispositions, e.g. changes in personal data, change of beneficiaries,
  • reporting to the Investment Funds Company and distributors,
  • management of bank accounts (we place and authorise orders for a payment transactions, manage mass payments, control cash flows and bank account balances),
  • management of the process of the exchange of files containing orders, dispositions and information with applications of the Investment Funds Company or distributors,
  • keeping a register of transactions reported to the General Inspector of Financial Information under the provisions of the Act on Prevention of Money Laundering Practices and Financing of Terrorism. Our information system contains a separate module which allows for conducting analyses and generating reports for the GIFI. Service includes:

- registration of Actual Beneficiaries and verification of the participation of PEP in transactions

- registration of transactions exceeding the threshold, suspicious and related transactions

- verification of transactions on the basis of restriction lists

- automatic analysis of transactions on the basis of a risk matrix

- elaboration of reports for the Investment Funds Company and for GIFI

  • sending correspondence, including:
  • archiving documents in electronic and paper form

- confirmation of payment, repurchase order execution

- certificates

- information about the entrance into grace period

- information about an ineffective expiry of the grace period

- information about the acceptance of assignment

- information about a decrease, increase of the amount of the current contribution

- information about inability to execute an order

- annual information.

Within the framework of services provided to Insurance Equity Funds, we use our AT UFK information system.