Every day, we are trying to perform our duties and projects in the best possible way, to build trust-based relations and to take care of the development of companies of our Customers. We are constantly perfectioning skills and improving competences of our Employees, so that they provide highest quality services and products.

We offer comprehensive services of a transfer agent, as well as ancillary services, using IT, operational and infrastructure solutions developed by our best experts.

Our services are addressed to capital market participants. We concentrate on investment funds, open pension funds and insurance equity funds which search for an external partner in performing services of a transfer agent and funds accounting services.

We want actions undertaken by PKO BP Finat to provide its Stakeholders with tangible benefits. The determinant of actions we undertake is the search for new, improved solutions which will bring mutual benefit to the Company and to its Customers. While undertaking these actions we always rely on the following values we have adopted:


We always fulfil our commitments. We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions. We follow the highest standards of security and quality. We are honest with ourselves and with others.

Customer's satisfaction

We make every effort to learn about and to understand the actual needs of our Customers and Co-workers in order to appropriately adjust developed solutions.

Continuous improvement

We believe that we will develop if all our Employees develop. We constantly search for ways to improve processes, upgrade skills of our employees, acquire new knowledge and actively participate in processes of change in order to fully benefit from opportunities they bring.


We are a team. We examine every decision and action from the perspective of its results, as well as benefits and costs for Customers and for PKO BP Finat. We are in favour of undertaking courageous initiatives and striving to achieve desired goals.